Top 5 High-Fibre Diet Foods To Eat With Boombod

Top 5 High-Fibre Diet Foods To Eat With Boombod

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SO, you’re getting ready to take the Boombod 7 Day Challenge and you CAN’T WAIT to get started, when all of a sudden it hits you…what should you eat while taking Boombod?! 😱 Not to worry! We get this question ALL the time and we’re ALWAYS happy to give out our TOP tried and true tips because the answer is SUPER easy! The first thing you should know is that NO foods are off-limits (except junk food 🍔) when doing your Boombod program! Boombod contains a clinically proven and completely natural fibre called Glucomannan, which helps you feel full so you can control portion sizes and banish naughty cravings, PLUS it helps reduce bloating!* That means that you’ll be more inclined to a eat smaller and healthier diet, so you don’t need to actively restrict yourself when it comes to healthy foods 🙌 Now that that’s out of the way, here comes the big one: The main healthy eating tips we give the Boomsquad when they ask what their meals should look like when taking Boombod is to eat healthy HIGH-FIBRE meals 30 minutes after taking each shot (besides drinking LOADS of water)!

Eating more fibre-rich meals along with water is KEY to maximize your results and keep things moving! But, which foods are considered to be high-fibre exactly? Well, the good news is that there’s TONS of high-fibre foods out there, so you will never lack options...BUT, we’re giving you a list of our top 5 FAV, tastiest and most versatile high-fibre foods to complement your Boombod program AND you can begin including them in your diet TODAY 🥑

Eat Your Fruits & Veggies!


Healthy Diet

Artichokes are GREAT in hearty meals (no pun intended), but the best part is that 1 medium artichoke heart contains 7g of fibre! Use it in healthy dips, as a side dish, in salads or as a topping.


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Aren’t pears just the fanciest fruits? 🍐 They instantly make your meals seem luxurious and they can be eaten in so many different ways! A medium-sized pear packs 6g of fibre, so NOT shabby by any stretch! Remember this next time you’re running late and thinking about skipping a meal - just grab a pear, some string cheese, whole grain crackers and go!


Boombod Blackcurrant

Who doesn’t LOVE raspberries? They’re super fun to eat and go really well with greek yogurt, BUT you won’t believe how underrated they are! This bite-size fruit is astoundingly high in fibre, with a total of 8g of fibre per cup AND that amount would only provide a mere 53 calories towards your daily energy requirement! We recommend that you include these ASAP.


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Avocados are truly a fantastic fruit. Everyone knows that they’re full of good fats and the cold-pressed oil obtained from the pulp is often used for cooking due to its many benefits, but did you know that they’re also chock-full of fibre? There’s 7g of fibre in 100g of avocado! Suddenly that egg and avocado on whole grain toast is looking especially tasty!


Boombod Lemon Lime

OK, so we obviously saved the best for last - Let’s talk about lentils! While they’re higher in carbohydrates compared to the other foods mentioned above, lentils have an impressive amount of fibre...get this - 1 cup of boiled lentils has 16g of fibre...WOAH! A squash and lentil soup is definitely an amazing option if you’re feeling like eating a warm meal on a rainy day!

And just like that, now you’ve got tons of fibre in your diet! If you need more high-fibre meal ideas, be sure to check out the Boombod 7 Day Challenge Workout & Meal Plan, which you can download instantly and was especially designed to maximize your Boombod results! But remember, with GREAT fibre comes the great responsibility of drinking lots of water, so take your water bottle and go get it 👏

We know replacing your favourite comfort foods with healthier alternatives cold turkey is TOUGH, that’s why Boombod shots were formulated to help you kick cravings so you can be in control of what you eat! If you haven’t taken the Boombod 7 Day Challenge yet, there’s no better day than today to get started! Try the 7 Day Achiever with Buy One Get One Free & FREE UK Shipping and get ready to SMASH your goals💥

*Boombod contains 1g of glucomannan per serving which, in the context of an energy-restricted diet, contributes to weight loss.