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12 Types Of Hunger And How To Control Them

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Ahh, hunger. A sensation we feel from the moment we are born but never truly come to understand. If you tend to overindulge when you are feeling stressed, you know by now that being hungry doesn’t always mean that we are, well, hungry. However, most of the time we can’t really pinpoint the reasons why we crave particular foods or eat beyond satiety. The human body is complex and although we identify hunger as being felt in the stomach, the brain and two very specific hormones are the ones in charge 💪 

Meal plans and weight management aids can be quite helpful in the initial stages of your weight loss journey and even after you’ve reached your goal. If you have no clue where to start, a carefully curated plan can guide you as you learn what types of foods and quantities to eat, as well as your ideal macro and micronutrient timing. A clinically proven weight management aid, such as Boombod, can help you stick to your plan by naturally making you feel full for longer and banishing cravings. As you develop a healthy relationship with food and become familiar with your body’s needs, you may be able to ease into intuitive eating! Eating mindfully and intuitively is an AMAZING skill to pick up to maintain your weight loss results, especially if you are overweight or have struggled with obesity all your life.


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So, where to begin? Reading ALL about the 12 different types of hunger (yep, that’s a thing) in an effort to understand your eating patterns is a great way to build up your knowledge and prep yourself for success. Remember those hormones we mentioned earlier? The brain has a region that receives signals from these hormones to control the physical aspects of hunger, which is when your body REALLY needs that food for energy...BUT, there’s a whole other side that LOVES that feeling of reward and contributes to emotional eating. That’s the part that can get in the way of your weight loss...but there’s more! Your senses ALSO play a huge role in the frequency, amount and quality of the foods you eat 🤦‍♀️

Think about it, if we only ate when we are hungry and until we are full, obesity would probably be easier to combat for the general population! The good news is, achieving a healthy balance is possible! If you’re READY to take control, keep reading to find out more👇

1. Eye Hunger: At some point, we’ve all seen an ad on TV showcasing a food item that looks BOMB and INSTANTLY craved a meal that looked JUST like that! This is called Eye Hunger and you can fight it by focusing your attention on something else that is equally appealing to you 👀 

2. Mind Hunger: If you’re thinking about yummy foods, chances are you might end up wanting to chow down on something right then and there. “Out of sight, out of mind” can work for some, unless you can’t stop thinking about food and then you’ve got Mind Hunger! Go for a walk, read a book or have a conversation with a friend. If the “hunger” subsides, it wasn’t hunger all along! 🧠

3. Ear Hunger: Have you ever been “chip-crunching, corn-popping, deep-frying” hungry? Those familiar sounds immediately take us to a time when we enjoyed certain foods and make us wish we actually were! Even the sound of the microwave can be enough to trigger your pop in those earphones and blast some music to overpower the noise of food calling your name 🍿🎧👂


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4. Nose Hunger: What’s even MORE powerful than Ear Hunger? Your sense of smell! Different scents, smells and odors can evoke memories, so pizza cravings after smelling a freshly baked pie are REAL. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we are physically hungry and may just be looking to satisfy the reward center of our brain. If you can, walk away from wherever the smell is coming from or get a healthy version of the food you are craving! 🍕👃

5. Stomach Hunger: This particular type of hunger requires us to be SUPER in tune with ourselves. We’re all guilty of eating until we are positively STUFFED, which simply means that we keep eating despite our brain/stomach connection telling us that it’s ENOUGH. Why are we like this? Who knows, but in the meantime, you can start by identifying when you are a little hungry, actually hungry or FAMISHED. That will help you hold off on eating a haphazard supper at 4PM, which will lead to snacking at 7PM and 10PM and 12AM…you know where this is going 🌝


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6. Mouth Hunger: I think we can all relate to that feeling of wanting something sweet (or salty). Sometimes we eat a meal and want dessert, sometimes we eat a piece of cake and the next meal HAS to be something savoury. Either way, those are definitely cravings and THAT is our area of expertise. If you must, have that chocolate bar...but we’re telling you right now that you don’t HAVE to eat all of it to satisfy this type of hunger. Taking a Boombod shot, followed by a full glass of water can do the trick AND it can also help you eat less when you eat your next meal 😉 


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7. Heart Hunger: Missing grandma’s cookies? Your aunt’s Thanksgiving yams that only she knows how to make? Your heart is craving those foods, but it’s not really hunger. If you get a chance to eat the foods that nourish your soul, just make sure you don’t overdo it! As they say, moderation is key ❤️

8. Cellular Hunger: Your body has the incredible ability to tell you what it needs. That’s why cutting out entire food groups is not for everyone! Controlling this type of hunger is possible if you listen to your body. Do you have more energy if you eat a piece of toast in the morning? Are you less cranky throughout the day if you add healthy fats to your recipes? You don’t have to follow a low-carb or high-fat diet if it doesn’t suit you. Make sure you eat the types of foods that help you THRIVE to avoid binging or any deficiencies that are specific to your body. 

9. Stress Hunger: Do you lose your appetite when you have a lot on your plate or do you eat everything in sight? If you tend to overindulge and eat mindlessly when you are stressed, it’s only going to make you more stressed. Stop, take a deep breath and take the time to make a healthy meal IF you are actually hungry. You will feel good about having made a small yet positive decision, which can contribute to a general feeling of well-being regardless of what is causing your stress ✌️

10. Boredom Hunger: I don’t know who declared eating as a qualifying activity to beat boredom, but we all do it! Opening the refrigerator door over and over in the hopes that it might produce the exact thing we are craving might as well be an Olympic Sport...many of us would be gold medalists! The answer is simple: Do something else! ✅

11. Working / Watching TV Hunger: You’re not hungry, your brain is seeking a reward and your hands want something to do! If you want to munch on something while you watch your favourite show or grab a bite right after you’re done working, be sure to check your Stomach Hunger! 📺


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12. Midnight Hunger: Are you a midnight snacker? Taking your Night Rejuvenator shot can make a HUGE difference and help you sleep through the night since you won’t be waking up to satisfy this form of hunger. Just make sure there aren’t any underlying medical conditions waking you up from your peaceful slumber 🌙

So, which type of hunger do you struggle with the most?! Mastering all types of hunger will take time, so be kind to yourself! All you need to do is start keeping track of your triggers and remind yourself you’re the BOSS. Need help? Boombod has your back! All 7, 14 and 28 Day Achievers are on Buy One Get One FREE right NOW, so there’s never been a better moment than NOW to give Boombod a shot 💥