Boombod Diet 7 Day Challenge Meal Plan

Why You Need The Boombod 7 Day Challenge Workout & Meal Plan

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OK Boomsquad - if you’re familiar with us at all, you’ve definitely heard of the 7 Day Challenge, RIGHT?! Boombod and this challenge go together like peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, health and wellness. You really can’t have one without the other! One of the biggest questions we get asked by new Boombod users is “what is the 7 Day Challenge?” and “Do I really need it to be successful?”.

The answer is simple - YES! Doing the 7 Day Challenge is definitely crucial in seeing results, and we want to help you succeed as much from our end as we possibly can! So DRUM ROLL PLEASE 🥁 .. you’ve asked, we’ve delivered! We have designed an all inclusive 7 Day Workout & Meal Plan, so you can make the most of your Boombod journey! 

We thought there was NO better way to showcase just how amazing this plan is, than to show you! We had our girl Keishema use the 7 Day Plan alongside her Boombod for the entire week, and you are not going to believe the results!! 

Keishema has been an avid Boombod lover and customer since October, you may recognize her from our Instagram page - we featured some of her amazing results photos in December! Buckle up, you’re about to be BLOWN away 💥 


Keishema's 7 Day Challenge Boombod Journey


Getting Started: Time For Change

This year has been tough on so many of us - the world is not as carefree as it once was, and being stuck in lockdown can really take a toll on our mental AND physical health. This is something Keishema knew all too well..

“This has been one of the most challenging times of my life, as it is for anyone else. We went into lockdown, and I became uncomfortable in my skin. I was always tired, out of breath easily and would eat to ease the pain. I’m a mother of three beautiful children, and after the third one the beauty I felt for myself just wasn’t there anymore. I tried everything under the sun and none of it was working. Finally I came across Boombod, and thought ‘let’s give this a try!’

Boombod wasn’t just a 7 Day thing for me, it became a part of my life. The 7 Day Meal & Workout Plan was the icing on the cake, I gave it my all that week and I’ve been incorporating the workouts and meals into my daily routine since!  


Delicous Recipe Boombod Weight Loss


Meals Meals Meals 

The Meal Plan has such an amazing selection of foods and recipes! Part of my struggle is definitely sticking to three meals a day, so this helped with that quite a bit!

For me, I would get to the point that food made me feel physically sick, I think it’s from a fear of getting back to where I was before starting my journey. Having the meal plan gave me that little nudge I needed to stay on track with my eating. 
Instead of making each meal individually, I took inspiration from each of them. That’s one thing that’s so great about having them all lined up for you, you can find things you like from each one and create your own healthy masterpieces! 
Check out her variation of the Smoked Salmon and Avocado wrap and hummus snack below ⇊


Boombod Diet 7 Day Challenge & Meal Plan


Or this SO YUMMY looking take on our healthy Scrambled Egg Breakfast:


Keishema's Boombod Breakfast Meal Plan


Whether you’re following each recipe to a T, or making them your own, having that inspiration at your fingertips really can make all the difference! 

Sweat Baby, Sweat

 The workout plan definitely became a huge part of my daily routine! If i missed a day or eating right or staying on track in other ways, having the workout plan allowed me to make up for those either in the gym or with in-home workouts. I’m definitely hard on myself and when I fall off track I sometimes feel like a failure, so it was great having something at my fingertips to motivate me.

I would spend three hours a week in the gym Monday-Friday (YASSS QUEEN 👑 GET IT). I walked to and from the gym as well, just to give myself a little extra push. The workout plan made it easy for those days I couldn’t get to the gym PLUS sometimes I like doing a workout before bed AND sometimes I have a little helper, who loves to motivate me! 💪⤵️


Keishema is BACK!

Keishema's Boombod Diet Results


Boombod gave me back my old self. My skin got lighter, I play with my children more because I’m less tired. I’m more proactive, and I even do my hair again to match how I feel - HAPPY!! 🙌

I started this journey in October, and I definitely couldn’t be happier with the results. The 7 Day Meal & Workout plan is a MUST - I am finally at my goal weight! My ideal size jean size is a UK12, and I am currently a UK14 - SO close! 
I’m on my way to achieving my goals, so I can be a better version of myself without having to hide!”

WOW - you absolutely SMASHED your goals Keishema, and we’re SO happy that the 7 Day Challenge Workout & Meal Plan helped you do that!! 

If you’re ready to make a change and get back on track with Boombod like Keishema, make sure you take advantage of the 7 Day Challenge Workout & Meal Plan AND BOGO FREE on all 7, 14 & 28 Day Achievers, the results really do speak for themselves! 💕


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