Welcome to the BOOMBLOG!

Welcome to the BOOMBLOG!

Posted by Danielle on

We have some very special news to share...OUR BOOMBLOG IS LIVE! Seeing our customers AMAZING results, being part of their weight loss journey, and hearing heaps of questions from the BOOMSQUAD has inspired us to create a space to feature everything you need to START and CONTINUE your weight loss journey.  At HQ we definitely know losing weight is never easy, but we’ve created this resource with all the tools you need to eat well, stay fit and enjoy life, as part of your weight loss journey.

Living a healthy and active lifestyle helps to maintain weight and contributes to improved health overall. BUT don’t forget about our TOP TIPS while you’re taking your Boombod shots👇


We believe in living a healthy, well rounded and active lifestyle. Fad diets come and go, and if followed can work BUT... let's be honest who really sticks to them! During your Boombod program, try your best to eat healthy meals, that you enjoy each day. It is only for 7 Days at a time, so you have no excuses.


Make your BOOMBOD week your most productive week of this year. Get things done, be organised, get more sleep, walk when you can, commit to a gym session with a friend and go to an exercise class you’ve never tried.


Taking a photo of yourself the night before starting BOOMBOD is a great place to begin. This will help fuel your motivation and track progress. We LOVE hearing about our customers Boombod journey and seeing their amazing results💥

Everyday we get HEAPS of questions from the BOOMSQUAD and we really enjoy answering them, so keep em’ coming! We will be featuring workout challenges for you and your mates, healthy meals that can be prepared with your shots, and some amazing inspo to help you SMASH your weight loss goals. SO… GET IN TOUCH WITH US via email, social media or in the comments section below ⬇️ 

To help celebrate the launch of our BOOMBLOG we’re offering A FREE BOOMBODDLE with any 28 Day Achiever bundles! Check in with us often, and keep an eye on your inbox for when new blogs are released - stay on track with the BOOMSQUAD!

Get started with your weight loss journey, and check out our 28 Day Achiever bundles now! Don’t delay, ditch some of the sweets and biscuits and start your #BOOMBOD7DAYCHALLENGE today!