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Take Your Boombod to the Next Level

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Healthy snack recipes

Eating healthy is not always easy, so we’ve pulled together some of our favourite healthy meal options to get your health kick started! Everyone’s body naturally has certain cravings for different things whether it be more sugar, more fat or additional nutrients.  What is key for proper nutrition is making sure we are fueling our bodies with what we need instead of what we think will taste good. Sometimes we give in to our cravings and that can send us two steps back on our weight loss journey. With that in mind, there’s no perfect recipe for how to lose weight.

We’re sharing 3 OUTSTANDING healthy meal options which are perfect to pair with your Boombod Weight Loss Shots. Check out the recipes below, for some inspo and to give you an idea of the types of balanced meals you can eat throughout your #7DAYCHALLENGE.

Casserole Breakfast Energizer

Wakie wakie BOOMBOD fam, it’s time to get the day started with your morning energizer and a scrumptious breakfast casserole to keep you going all day long!


Turkey snack ideas

Lunch Time Motivator

Everyone always says breakfast is the most important meal of the day but we’re challenging that.  Every meal has the power to increase your energy, so for lunch we’re having THE.BEST.SALAD.

Evening Protein Rejuvenate

Before you start to prep all of your ingredients, have your night rejuvenator shot and then start collecting your supplies! This delightful orange chicken takes only 15 minutes to make, SO no excuses! AND, if you plan ahead and make a little extra, this meal is great for leftovers for the week!

Orange Chicken

Has your food FOMO set in yet? We thought so. Trying new foods is an amazing way to stick to a healthy diet, and these nutritious meals all prove that a well balanced diet can still be flavourful and fun, even when your goal is weight loss! So don’t WAIT! Get started with your #BOOMBOD7DAYCHALLENGE today!