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Real Customer Reveal: Fat Metaboliser Gummies

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OK, so if you’re familiar with Boombod products, you’ve probably seen some intriguing supplement bottles making waves on social media, right?! Well, a few months back we launched TASTY Boombod Fat Metaboliser Gummies and we couldn’t wait for everyone to try them alongside their Boombod shots for an added kick! 🙌 These delicious Orange Mango and Blackcurrant flavoured gummies may look small, but they pack a punch and TODAY we are excited to show you what’s in it for YOU, how you can incorporate the gummies into your daily routine AND an AMAZING real customer transformation! 

Keep on reading to find out why you should try Boombod Fat Metaboliser Gummies’ll be blown away by the REAL end results👇



Boombod Fat Metaboliser Gummies Benefits


If there is one thing you should know, is that Boombod Fat Metaboliser gummies were designed with your weight loss goals in mind. At Boombod HQ we are ALWAYS looking for practical ways to support our customers with their goals, and just like Boombod shots, our Fat Metaboliser Gummies are SUPER easy to take on the go... AND they taste SO good you will look forward to taking them again the next day 👏 

So, why should you grab a bottle or two of these yummy gummies ASAP? For starters, this is simply the BEST way to maximize your results! These delicious tasting gummies combine a unique blend of ingredients that include Green Tea, L-Carnitine, Guarana, Choline and Vitamin B6 to help support fat loss and metabolism, PLUS they are vegan-friendly and SUPER yummy* 🔥



Stephanie On Boombod Diet


Meet Boombod customer Stephanie! Having had a baby recently, she decided to kickstart her weight loss journey one day and has been UNSTOPPABLE ever since! She absolutely loves taking Boombod shots to keep her motivated, BUT this time she kicked things up a notch with Boombod Fat Metaboliser Gummies and this is how it went!


Stephanie Boombod Fat Metaboliser Gummies Results



Stephanie's Boombod Results Fat Metaboliser Gummies


NAME: Stephanie

DIET: I snacked on Ryvita crackers, Snack A Jacks and fat-free Greek yogurt. When it came to dinner, I just gave myself a little less and anything low-fat I could use for dinner, I did.

RECOMMENDATION: Incorporate some type of exercise for best results. I didn’t do as much exercise as I did when I did the first time I took Boombod shots due to homeschooling and a baby to attend to, however I tried to do a ten minute abs and waist workout nearly every day, and one week I ran 4K and also did a 30-minute HIIT class. 



SO, now that you know what the benefits are and can see how Stephanie TOTALLY crushed her goals, it’s time to find out how you can add these to your day! Incorporating Boombod Fat Metaboliser gummies into your daily routine alongside Boombod shots for maximum results is easy peasy - just aim to take 2 gummies with a high-fibre meal, 30 minutes after taking your Boombod shot and drinking loads of water! When in doubt, follow the example below to stay on top of your game!


Boombod Diet Fat Metaboliser Gummies


So there you have it! With the amount of information out there, it can be confusing to know where to begin when you’re trying to lose weight or build better habits. Sometimes all we need is a little kick and that’s why hundreds of thousands of customers turn to Boombod to give them that boost to make things happen! The best part? You can get everything you need to get started with the Starter Kit Bundle AND it’s 25% off TODAY! Just remember to take before and after pictures, we’d LOVE to see your progress 💕