Olivia’s Blog Takeover - My Weight Loss Journey

Olivia’s Blog Takeover - My Weight Loss Journey

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When Boombod HQ heard that the original weight loss shot drink was being featured on a tv show with contestants attempting to lose weight before the holidays, we knew we HAD to share the story and incredible transformation of Olivia! Her weight loss journey is incredible...SO, we invited Olivia to share her story in this FIRST EVER BOOMBLOG takeover! Check out how she made her incredible transformation below 👇  

Meet Olivia

Boombod Customer With Box

Hey 👋🏼 

Let’s start with the boring stuff first shall we?

I’m a 31 year old, busy career driven mum and kept seeing Boombod pop up in my insta numerous times I’d have a look and see what all the fuss was about, look at the price and think- nah I’ll join the gym instead (which I never did).  I had a new job that I really wanted to interview for plus a few cocktail dresses that I needed to get into and really had to kick myself into touch - all my girlfriends look (and are) models, with not an inch to pinch anywhere, and I’m the token chub 😩

The Boombod Diet

Fast forward a few months and I auditioned to take part in a TV show about 12 people testing diets, and the “life-style change” I was given was Boombod! Great! I’ve seen so many celebs try this, is this product actually going to work I thought!

I ordered 2 boxes (it was by one get one free) so I had a months worth - can I get an amen?!

I tried the blackcurrant and must say it’s rather yummy (you just need to master the mixing so that it doesn’t go to jelly like too quickly- or when you’re left with granules at the bottom of the cup.)

Boombod Sachets

The Weight Loss Journey

To start I weighed myself and thought I can do this! Plus I have 2 children, 1 pre-teen and 1 teen who tell it exactly like it is (cheers guys, talk about brutal honesty). I upped my water in-take and insanely cut down on my take outs, I must confess I’m a junk food queen 😮 My kids even locked all the “junk” food away in the house! After 7 days of 3 shots and 2 litres of water a day I could see my skin glowing and my hair growing along with my nails!!

What’s in these bad boys? I have to admit my super sweet tooth was shelved and my tummy was looking much flatter*!

Things are going along nicely, and then something felt different, my head was pounding, my hands freezing and my breath smelling like a dogs 🤢What was this - my body was in ketosis!! Yay!!! Watching those lbs drop off. My clothes were fitting better and I could see some great results. For breakfast I’d have a slice of toast and sardines, lunch would be sweet potato, cheese and beans and for dinner, chicken, fish and veg.

Boombod Before Picture

Two boxes in, and not only am I looking good and feeling good, but “ye old Mother Nature” hadn’t called. I definitely wasn’t pregnant - so what’s going on? After a quick talk with a dietician she explained that as my body is drastically losing weight, this can alter your monthly cycle, meeeehhhh.

No period - no problem but wait, my tummy had ballooned again, what the hells going on now? (Sorry for the tmi that’s about to go down) as I hadn’t been eating enough fibre I hadn’t pooped in only god knows how long! Thankfully I’m a trained Therapist and gave myself a great tummy massage and let the magic happen as they say, now my tummy’s back to being flat and 3 weeks hadn’t gone wasted.

Final push!

Boombod After Picture

I’m now chugging water like a fish and getting full on kids sized meals - hallelujah! I’m taking these shots and haven’t stepped on the scales since week 1. The end is in sight, and people are now noticing my weight loss! Bye bye chub rub, hello mama!!!

I must say that I’ve found a new love for water and flavoured sparkling water too!
I’ve now got back into competitive ball-room dance, watch out for me in a town near you aaaaaaannnnnndddd I only eat take out once a week, compared to 3 times a day! (Yes you read that correctly). And my new go to is rice crackers and lots of kale 😍

So now it’s time to step on those scales!
I’m feeling a wave of emotion-I go in blindfolded.
Someone writes down my weight loss 
Drum roll please..............Olivia (queue the dramatic pause) you have lost........(can you feel the tension here?)
Just shy of a stone!

I mean close to a stones not bad is it? I was over the moon.

Women Pants Suit In Front Of Plants

After completing the Boombod 28 Day Achiever, I had a little break and am now back on Boombod in time for the Christmas parties. If you’re thinking of trying these tasty sachets, what’s stopping you?
I did it and feel fabulous (cliche I know) but for those of you that know me know I love fast food and hate the gym like the plague.

You’ve got this yall 💋

- Olivia

Pretty incredible right Boomsquad? It’s not too late to start your Boombod 7 Day Challenge and head into the new year on the right foot. It’s time to SMASH IT! 💥 

* Boombod in no way sponsored the recording of the Channel 5 television program or endorsed featuring of Boombod products on the television program.
Glucomannan contributes to weight loss when used with an energy restricted diet. This beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 3g of Glucomannan in 3 doses of 1g each together with 1-2 glasses of water before meals. Results may vary from person to person.
* The views expressed below are the opinion of Boombod Customers, Boombod does not endorse these views, nor should they be regarded as health claims or medical advice.