Mommy Motivation - Losing The Baby Weight

Mommy Motivation - Losing The Baby Weight

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MUMS! YOU ROCK! When it comes to master multitasking, you win the award EVERY DAMN DAY.  Finding time for yourself often comes last on your to do list - if it even happens at all. Kudos to all the parents out there who are finding their balance and learning to practice self care, because it is no easy feat.

So today, we’re celebrating these motivated mommies who absolutely ROCKED their Boombod Challenges and smashed their weight loss goals. Their results and stories are so motivating, enjoy Boomsquad!

Selina’s Weight Loss Journey

Selina's Mom Weight Loss Boombod

“After having 2 babies my tummy was saggy and less toned. I know my body will never be perfect, I'm not expecting it to be. Its grown life to my 2 babies, and I will never want to hide that.”

Selina's Before Boombod

Selina Before Weight Loss Photo

“Since taking Boombod I feel more myself and toned and less bloated all the time.  It hasn't been a complete week yet only day 5. And I see the difference already! I no longer eat for 4 people 🤣 my eating is under control, and eating as healthy as I can.”

Selina's Weight Loss

Selina After Weight Loss Photo

“I was wary about doing another dieting thing that doesn't work.. but Boombod actually does, I've been on Boombod for 3 weeks. So where I am at now I'm happiest with my body. I'm aware I have stretch marks, but that comes with all the beauty right 😍Boombod is definitely worth giving a go if you want a quick simple diet and lose weight quickly. I love it! 💗”

Selina Before and After Weight Loss

“I've had a really good journey on Boombod. I have only tried the blackcurrant and I love the taste, but definitely going to explore the other flavours in the future! Thank you so much! I'm so happy with the results and it has made me more confident!💗” - Selina

Selina Postpartum Weight Loss

We’re SO glad Boombod helped Selina regain her confidence! Way to go babe! 💕


Liz’s Weight Loss Journey

Liz's Weight Loss Journey

“I am a single mommy of an almost 11 month old daughter and I had a struggle of losing my mommy tummy. More like after pregnant mommy. Depression got to me too, along with anxiety and stress. May 2019 I decide it’s time so I started a good healthy diet. But on June 4, 2019 I discovered Boombod because influencer Trisha inspired me! And people, she looks super good! So I ordered my products and I even rushed it to be shipped to me ASAP!”

Liz’s Weight Loss Check-In

Liz's Boombod Weight Loss Journey

“I can’t express how hard it is being a single mom and sometimes I just don’t have motivation. But working with kids and being on Boombod, girrrl works wonders. I accepted my body after bringing my daughter to this world but I over beyond happy.”

“I am totally satisfied with Boombod! 10 days in and I lost 6 & 1/2 pounds! It cuts my cravings! I work with children as a teacher so that’s basically my exercise. I would love to do more and will do more workouts on my own!! Who doesn’t like taking shots of really tasty flavored water?! If you can take a shot of delicious alcohol shots, you can do this.”

Liz’s Weight Loss Results

Liz's Weight Loss Results

Prior to Boombod I ate healthy and still do till this day. So that was easy. Plus I’m eating healthy for my daughter. To teach her eating healthy is good! I still do have my cheat day on Sunday and still I feel great and manage to lose a pound! You guys I am in love with Boombod! I’ve tried sooo many detox products or something similar to Boombod but I had way more results with this product!

Liz's Before and After Weight Loss

As of June 2019, I am 17 & 1/2 pounds lighter (6 1/2 pounds light since being on Boombod) and inch off my waist, and lost a pants size! My xl shirts are now baggy.

You guys I am one happy mommy! I can’t express how thankful I am for finding your product. MAKE THE DAYS COUNT! Love and support all the way Hawai’i! Liz

They absolutely smashed it, right? Remember, while Boombod is safe and gentle, by law we advise that if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking prescription medication or under any medical supervision it is advisable to consult a GP or doctor prior to taking any supplements!

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