Jen's Boombod Experience and Results

Jen's Total Transformation

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OK Boomsquad - who's in need of some SERIOUS inspiration? We know things are difficult and uncertain right now, and it’s SO hard to conjure up the motivation to get moving when you’re stuck at home all day. Well, fear not, because we’ve got your back! We have a super inspiring customer feature this week, and she’s about to tell you her story on how she went from feeling down about herself, to becoming the bad a** confident babe she is today! 

Just a little about Jen:

Jen's boombod experience and review

Jen is not your average gal - she’s a preschool teacher, a mommy to two, and a wife. It’s safe to say she’s a busy bee, and if anyone gets how difficult it can be to squeeze weight loss into an already busy schedule, it’s her! Check out her story below! ⬇

“I started my weight loss journey to get bikini ready! I had one month to get ready for my husband’s 40th birthday in Mexico, and I wanted to look amazing for him. At this point, I was 131 pounds - I just wasn’t happy. My clothes didn’t fit right, I had love handles, and my stomach felt so big. My goal was simple - to get back to the 120 pounds I was 4 years ago. So, for a little motivation, I went back and looked at old pictures of myself. I told myself ‘I CAN get back to this!’ So, the journey was on!

A Little Boomspiration

boombod 7 day achiever and sachets

I chose Boombod because I had seen Angelina from Jersey Shore posting about it- she posted her before and after photos and I was so inspired! So, I checked out Boombod’s Instagram, and then their website and read reviews - I saw more before and after photos, and was excited to try it. I’m not great at dieting: I love this seemed like a possibility.

When I started I was 129/130 lbs, and after my 28 Day Achiever, I had lost a fair amount. I had lost my bloat in my belly and lost a lot in my thighs and in my waist. Don’t get me wrong, I was putting in the work for it! I was working out two times a week, and eating 1300 calories a day!

Workout Plan:

Jen's boombod workout plan

I would run on the treadmill for 10 minutes and then move to weight machines for about 20-30 minutes. Now that we are stuck inside, I am doing home workouts. I follow along to workout videos occasionally, and I have resistance bands and 5 lb weights 🏋️‍♀️ Just doing what I can! 

You Are What You Eat

jen's meal alongside taking boombod

My diet has not been as strict being stuck at home, BUT I just ordered a new batch of Boombod to get back on track again with controlling my appetite and cravings.

One thing I really enjoy is chicken tortellini salad. I would boil the tortellini and then chill them in the refrigerator. Then I would add shredded chicken and spring mix and Italian dressing. All weighed and measured out.

I would plan my breakfast, lunch and supper and have them all prepped and ready to go! At night, I snacked on an orange as my night time snack.

Another trick I learned was that if I had a craving for fast food like a cheeseburger, I would still get it!! I would just order without the bun! Then I didn’t have the extra calories or carbs but still satisfied my craving of a juicy cheeseburger!!” - GIRL, we feel you! 🍔

Transformations Do Come True

jen's boombod weight loss results front

jen's boombod weight loss results

“I’ve lost weight around my stomach and thighs, and my love handles are shrinking! I will definitely recommend this product to anyone. I have tried two flavours and so far the Orange Mango is my favourite!”

Were we right, or were we right?! Jen had an absolutely AH-MAZING transformation!! Living a healthier life, and obtaining your goals, is all about making better choices. With a LOT of hard work, and a little kick from Boombod, Jen was able to reach her goal weight, and is feeling (AND looking) fabulous.

It can be hard to stay motivated right now, but trust us when we say it’s NEVER too late to get started, and it’s SO worth it! You’re in luck, we happen to be running a BOGO FREE sale right now - there’s no excuses, and no better time to get back on the horse!

Don’t forget to keep us updated on YOUR journeys, we love hearing from our customers. Who knows, you might be our next BOOMBLOG feature!! 👯❤️