Breezieanah's Weight Loss Journey

Breezieanah's Weight Loss Journey

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Losing weight is incredibly challenging (for most of us!) BUT when you absolutely smash your weight loss goals, it’s incredibly rewarding and helps keep the momentum going, right? Well, our girl Breezieanah has achieved some AMAZING results through her hard work, determination and of course, a boost from Boombod! Her results photos...are something else, you’ve got to see them for yourself and hear about her journey 👇

Starting The Weight Loss Journey

breezieanah's boombod transformation

New Year, New Me. We’ve all heard it (and probably said it) a thousand times, but sticking to those new year's resolutions past January requires the right mindset, determination and hard work! Breezieanah was ready, and from the time she uttered her resolution to her husband, she has been dedicated to it...are you ready to be blown away?

I started my journey on Jan 1, 2020. Why you might ask? Because, I told my husband I wanted my sexy back. I wanted a change, and also vowed it would be my LAST time asking a flight attendant for a seatbelt extension. After that came the hard part, actually doing it! I made a commitment that I wouldn’t torture myself but take it one day at a time. After doing some research on the ingredients I decided to give Boombod a go. It contains all sorts of Vitamins, to help fuel my body! 

Putting In The Work

I don’t enjoy exercising honestly (we feel you, girl!), but I’ve come to accept that if I want to make a serious change, I do have to incorporate it into my lifestyle. I really enjoy HIIT workouts! They get straight to the point, and get my blood pumping and breathing going right away!

Looking for an HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout to try out? 
⬇ We’ve got you covered ⬇

Basic HIIT Treadmill Workout:

  1. Basic warm-up starting with a brisk walk and work your way up to a light jog – 10 minutes
  2. Run at 10 mph for 30 seconds to 1 minute
  3. Walk at 3.5-4 mph for 2 minutes
  4. Repeat this cycle 7 more times (8 cycles total)
  5. If the work interval isn’t enough of a challenge, add a slight incline to the treadmill
  6. Perform a cool-down walk for 5 minutes before stretching and drinking plenty of water

Eating For Success

breezieanahs chia pudding boombod

For the month of February I’ve committed myself to try out a vegan diet. So far it’s pretty manageable but at first it was challenging to get my protein intake in.
Surprisingly, I don’t really see my meals as a diet since I enjoy them. It’s all about portion control. Here is an example of what I would eat on a regular day!

Breakfast: Drink Boombod 30 minutes before eating
Overnight chia pudding: 
makes 4 servings
1 can coconut milk
1 can almond milk (I use the empty coconut can as a measurement)
2/3 cup chia seeds
2 bananas (or other fruit)
Mix everything and serve in the morning

Lunch: Take Boombod 30 minutes before eating
No evil brand (comrade cluck plant base chicken)
Bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms grilled
Add my favourite it with avocado
1/2 cup rice

Dinner: Drink Boombod 30 minutes before eating
Quinoa mixed with red peppers and artichoke top with avocado
no evil brand (Italian sausage)

Total Transformation

breezieanahs total boombod makeover

I have been using Boombod since day one of my journey. The first 14 days I made sure to take it everyday, before all three meals. I really wanted to make sure I saw a change. When I received my next two boxes, I decided to take it as needed. My favourite flavour is the Black Cherry 🍒BUT, all of the flavours are great. The only one I haven’t tried is the Lemon Lime, so I’m definitely trying that next! Thank you for creating this product. A lot of times people are so skeptical of trying products and honestly I’m one of those people. But y’all have definitely changed my perspective on this product. Thank you so much again.

Since sharing Breezieanah’s results on Instagram, she’s received tons of messages asking “does Boombod really work?” Her response is ‘Yes' but she notes that at the same time you have to put in the hard work as well (as we know from above, she is WORKIN 💪). 

Whether you’re just starting out or you are a long time weight loss warrior, we want to hear from you! Let us know your tips and tricks for staying on track below in the comments section 👇