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So, it’s Friday night. You’re home, binge watching Friends on Netflix (again!). The rumble in your stomach is becoming hard to ignore, and you realize that you forgot to eat lunch at work today because I mean, honestly, who has time for that right?! You’re exhausted and lacking in motivation, and the last thing you want to do is cook. Next thing you know, the pantry door is open and you’re grabbing for anything salted, crunchy, or covered in chocolate. 

It’s easy to neglect our bodies... we get tired, lazy, have kids, are too busy, blah blah BLAH! Our weight loss warrior Bibiche knew this scenario all too well. She shared her journey with us on how she went from depressed, to feeling her BEST. Get ready, you’re about to see an amazing transformation...

Words From Bibiche: Where It All Started


It was the fall of 2018, and I had just been diagnosed with heavy depression. At first this started with an ‘I don’t care anymore’ attitude. I had to force myself to eat, so the first few pounds I lost were due to stress. Then I got counseling, they told me to take good care of myself. I decided to win this battle and fight to get my emotional balance back.

Bibiche’s BIG Changes 

Babiche's Before & After

I started working out with my fellow coworker in January of 2019. First, I started with cardio for losing weight, and later I did more weightlifting than cardio to get in shape. I worked out when I had enough energy. Next up was changing my diet! Everyday, I made it my job for the day to make a healthy meal. I'm a vegetarian, so I looked up recipes on the internet and made myself a full map of things I wanted to make. I wanted to know more about nutrition and how the body makes energy from food. Low Carb was my next stop, which was a challenge because I am a vegetarian. I also had to cut down on the sugars.

Bibiche found it easy to eat healthy, especially when she started taking Boombod shots!*

Bibiche And Boombod

Boombod In A Drink

Boombod came into my life… and helped me to stop the cravings for sweet food. In the beginning I took the 3 sachets a day. Later I took them only if I had cravings.

I first purchased my Boombod from Holland & Barrett, and the Blackcurrant was the only flavour available - I love the flavour and every shot I take is a treat! I have since tried Black Cherry, as I won one of the giveaways on Instagram. I loooove it and my boyfriend loves it too. But because they taste so good, I keep them for myself.

I bloat quickly but with Boombod my stomach stays flat. It helped me also to drink enough water. Since I’ve started using Boombod, I am now consuming 2-3 litres of water every day! 

Dog Posing With Boombod

Bibiche’s winning photo on our Instagram contest ^^

Her Best

I am only 1.5 Kilos away from my goal! When I reach this goal, I am not done. I want to create more shape into my body and stay with the healthy eating. So, Boombod will absolutely stay by my side the upcoming time to stop my cravings!”

Bibiche's Before and After Photo

WHOA! Bibiche is literally GOALS 😻We can all relate to allowing the stress and pressures of our everyday lives affect our physical well-being, but it’s all about learning how to be kinder to ourselves, right?! We have enough to worry about, SO don’t let your weight loss journey be one of them! Make your own changes! Get started with the go to weight loss product, and start your 7 day challenge today

Here are some of Bibiche’s FAV vegetarian recipes….

Eggplant Fries:

Eggplant Fries

1 eggplant
40gr coconut flour
40gr almond flour
2 tablespoons greek yoghurt 
1 tablespoon low fat mayonnaise 
salt, cayenne pepper 
olive oil

Cut the eggplant in the shape of fries. Put the egg into a bowl and mix.

Put the flour (almond and coconut) into a bowl and mix. Take each eggplant fry, put it into the egg, then put it into the bowl with the flour mixtures.

Lay the fries on a baking sheet with some olive oil and bake at 180 degrees for 15 minutes.

Mix yogurt and mayonnaise together with the salt and cayenne pepper.
Dip, and enjoy!

Strawberry Greek Yogurt Cake With Blueberries

Strawberry Greek Yogurt Cake With Blueberries

75gr almond flour 
50gr coconut flour 
60gr coconut oil 
300gr greek Yoghurt 
200gr strawberries 
6gr agar agar (you can also use gelatine)
1teaspoon of psyllium husk some coconut flakes
85% cacao chocolate
one hand of blueberries
Springform 18cm

Melt the coconut oil in a pan and add the almond flour and coconut flour. Mix well together. Put the mix into the springform and press firmly.
Put the springform in the fridge.

Blend the strawberries with the yoghurt. Put half into a bowl and the other half in a pan. Warm the half with the agar agar. Stir well! Let it cool a little and put the warm mix with the cold. Again stir well.

Put the blend of yoghurt and strawberries into the springform and chill for a few hours. I always wait 4 hours. Put the coconut flakes in top with the 85% cacao chocolate and eat the cake with some blueberries as a side dish.*If you are taking prescription medication, or are under any medical supervision it is advisable to consult a GP or doctor prior to taking any supplements.


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