5 Ways to Start Your New Year Strong

5 Ways to Start Your New Year Strong

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After the year we’ve all had, who else is in need of a fresh start?? Whether you’re focusing on a New Year New You or New Year New Bod, the team at HQ has put together 5 tips to help you start the new year strong 💪


Reflect on last year

It’s helpful to reflect on the things you did right - your successes - AND celebrate them! Reflect on the lessons you learned throughout the year. Ask yourself: What goals did you absolutely smash? What goals did you not achieve and why? What changes did you make to live a healthier lifestyle? Maybe you snacked a little too heavily last year or skipped the gym too many times.Our tip? Get back on track with Boombod Weight Loss Shot Drink!


Get into the right frame of mind

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Brace for anything, including the good! It’s easy to get lost in the negativity surrounding the world today. Positive thinking and an optimistic mindset will carry you through this year! Starting a new routine can also help support a healthy mindset as well as help to manage your expectations for the day! Consider planning meal times, exercise routines and once you get started with your Boombod 7 Day Challenge, decide what time of day you’ll take each of your shots!


Set realistic goals

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Trust us, we get it, setting goals (and sticking to them) is HARD. Set smaller, more manageable, easier to achieve milestones. This way you can create a game plan and timeline for seeing results! AND you get to celebrate each win, no matter how small! For example, if one of your goals is to lose weight this year, perhaps think about how many pounds/kilos you’d like to see come off the scale each week. Is this a healthy amount of weight to lose based on your body type? Make sure these goals are realistic for you - they’ll be easier to achieve and you’ll end up feeling less disappointed if you’re struggling!


Be exceptional at ONE thing - your commitment to healthy living

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You know that saying - a jack of all trades is a master of none? WELL when it comes to juggling all the things in your life you’d like to improve, the same theory can apply. Choose the healthy lifestyle change you’re going to make and commit to it! If you’re trying to eat healthier, lose weight with Boombod, exercise more AND then also have less screen time, cook more, spend more time with friends PLUS you have a laundry list of other changes you’re trying to make - it’s going to be too much. Keep your focus on healthy living until your new routine is stable, then consider shifting your focus elsewhere.


Put yourself first

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We’re saying it…be a little selfish, you’re worth it! It’s time to make this YOUR year and focus on staying true to yourself. 

Whether you’ve got a few New Year’s Resolutions or your mantra for the year is good vibes only, these are just a few ways to start 2022 off strong! What’s most important is sticking to what’s important to you! The team at Boombod HQ has your back when it comes to helping you stay on track with your weight loss goals 🙌  HURRY and take advantage of the New Year New Bod SALE on now to save on all Boombod 7, 14 & 28 Day Achiever programs!