10 Tips To Achieve Your Holiday Bod

10 Tips To Achieve Your Holiday Bod

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Planning a trip but not quite feelin’ like you’re holiday bod ready? Here at Boombod HQ we’ve put together a list of TOP tips to help you achieve your holiday bod before you fly (or drive) out. 👙🌴


1. Make a schedule 

Set a start date with a specific goal weight in mind. How will you achieve your goal weight by the time you leave for vacation? Once you’ve got your plan in place - stick to it!


2. Take your Boombod Weight Loss Shot Drink

Each shot of Boombod contains a unique vitamin blend and most importantly, a natural fibre that works to reduce your appetite and is clinically proven to aid weight loss. Don’t miss this informational video to see exactly how it works!


Boombod 7 Day Blackcurrant



3. Get your fibre 🥑

This is especially important when taking Boombod. PLUS a high-fibre diet will keep you full for longer! Figuring out how much fibre can sometimes be tough so we’ve made it easy - check out this blog for tasty high-fibre foods to eat while crushing your Boombod program. 💪🏼


4. Stop snacking 🚫 

Did you know that snacking can prevent you from losing those last few pounds? YIKES. A few extra calories here and there add up quickly! Never leave home without your Boombod to squash those cravings!


Boombod Health Tips



5. Cut out alcohol (at least one week prior) 

Empty calories ladies and gents!! Save them for a margarita on the beach!


6. Eat balanced meals 🥗

Balance is crucial! Not only in your everyday life but also in your diet. Click this link to discover our favourite salad recipes.


Boombod Healthy Meal Tips


7. Get 8 hours of sleep each night 💤

We’ve all heard it over and over again since we were kids, 7+ hours of sleep is essential (but it can be tough to get!). We know that less sleep can equal more stress and strain on the body. PLUS when we’re tired and stressed we don’t have the energy to fight off those junk food cravings so rest up!


8. Hydrate! 💦 

Did you know that when you are dehydrated you can tend to overeat? Typical research states men should consume about 3.67 litres (15.5 cups) and women should consume about 2.72 litres (11.5 cups) per day. Try a water challenge with your travel buddy to help boost hydration before your trip!   


9. Exercise as much as you can 🏃🏻‍♀️ 

We all know that exercise can help control your weight but did you know that it can also improve your mental health and mood? A clearer mind can keep your holiday bod front and centre! Aim for ideally 30 minutes to an hour, 5 times a week!


Boombod Weight Loss Shot Drink


10. Workout in the morning on an empty stomach

This way you’ll burn direct fat instead of consumed calories! Yep,
working out on an empty stomach can help you burn more fat - pretty neat. If your primary goal is to lose weight, workout in the morning and take a look at this article for more reasons why this might be the right move for you!


OK BOOMSQUAD, there you have it, our top 10 tips to achieve your holiday bod! NOW grab your Boombod on BOGO FREE, make your schedule and start crushing your weight loss goals ASAP! We can’t wait to see your results!


*This article is for information only and should not be used for the diagnosis, or treatment of medical conditions. The contents of this blog post are not meant to substitute medical or dietary advice.